This section summarizes the main items on the sector of services to wineries (trade fairs, finance, insurance, consulting, etc...). Each item in the left allows you to restrict your choices in a homogeneous group of services, which are summarized in alphabetical order (makes text the name of the supplier).

Keywords: none

The keywords represent the specific characteristics about a product, a group of products or other possible synonyms. The keywords can be used directly in the website search engine as an alternative to the product category selection options.


Insert one or more keywords to start a search (destemmer, grape harvesters, malolactic bacteria, etc...)

The search for a specific service can be done in two ways:
1) using the tree of categories, selecting the category shown at each step and relative companies;
2) using the free search, entering freely into the box a word or group of keywords (eg a company name or type of machine / product).

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