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Vinitech (Nov. 30 – Dec. 2) is one of the most important trade show for winemakers and winery suppliers. Chr. Hansen will be present at its distributor, Soufflet Vigne’s booth, located at HALL 1 - Allée D - Travée 24 - Stand : 2402. There visitors will have the chance to meet the team behind Viniflora®, the natural toolbox for demanding winemakers, and taste the amazing differentiating effects of the latest products launched to the wine industry by Chr. Hansen:
- Viniflora® PreludeTM, the first pure Torulaspora delbruecki yeast launched in 2009 to increase complexity in wines during alcoholic fermentation, helping winemakers produce red, rosé, white or sparkling wines to get closer to the 'wild ferment' effects without taking the risk;
- Viniflora® CiNeTM the first direct inoculation culture to achieve malolactic fermentation in wine while keeping the fruity flavors interacting as the strain cannot produce the classical dairy and buttery notes related to this key step of wine production.
• A number of other innovative concepts and products will also be presented, and visitors are encouraged to help themselves to documentation, examples of recipes for inspiration, guidelines, products and wines from various French wine regions made with Chr. Hansen’s Viniflora® products.
Adding a premium touch
''In France, Viniflora® PreludeTM is a wonderful tool to give a premium touch to red, rosé and white wines, particularly whites from Chardonnay. Red winemakers are huge fans of our specific strain of Torulaspora, which was developed to give the 'wild ferment touch' a mix of complexity, mouth feel and flavor longevity which used to be impossible to obtain unless you let indigenous yeasts’ flora drive the alcoholic fermentation,” explains Nicolas Prost, Commercial Oenologist, Chr. Hansen.
”In red wines Viniflora® CiNeTM has mainly been used in places were blending is a philosophy: by using CiNeTM on one specific grape varietal for instance, one can increase the fruity character of a Merlot or a Cabernet Franc. The result after blending is a higher fruit flavor intensity for the blend and better notations in wine tastings. On whites and rosés, CiNeTM results are absolutely outstanding: you get all the benefits of malolactic fermentation without impacting the flavor intensity reached at the end of alcoholic fermentation. For most winemakers it is very clear: CiNeTM is a wonderful tool that perfectly matches today’s demand,'' Prost adds.

Creating new wine styles
''The combination of Viniflora® PreludeTM and Viniflora® CiNeTM helps demanding winemakers to create new wine styles, which has made these two product launches a big successes for Chr. Hansen. It is definitely two excellent products to improve fermentation management, differentiate wines and meet consumer demands for natural, authentic and healthier wines,'' concludes Laurent Hubert, Global Marketing Director, Wine Industry, Chr. Hansen.


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