Enovitis in Campo 2012 - "coming back" in Romagna

Defined dates and the farm that will host the next edition of Enovitis in Campo. The event, now in its eighth edition, will take place in Predappio (FC) at the winery Condè.
Predappio (FC), Italy - 21/22 June 2012

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2011: Enovitis-Simei again

Write the date about SIMEI and ENOVITIS. The organisation and the international promotion are already started in order to offer a still richer and more complete edition.
Milano, Italy - 2010, November 22/26

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Vinitech and Sifel: drawing a synergy

Bringing these two major events together reinforces the synergy between the two agricultural sectors and will attract some 1,500 international suppliers.
Bordeaux, France - 2010, November 30 / December 2

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GRAMEGNA: Italian-Made Quality and Innovation Since 1960

Gramegna was established by the brothers Angelo, Nando and Valdo Gramegna in 1960 to manufacture their design of spading machine.
Over the years Gramegna has not only improved and perfected its spaders, but has also developed a wide range of other machines for working in open fields and between the rows of orchards and vineyards.


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Tanesini goes in Paterlini's hand

Born a new reference for the technology in the vineyard. Ensured the survival of the historic brand housing in Faenza.

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SACMI: Objective 200

Increased business volumes, an extended product range, a growing presence on new markets. This, in short, is the plan laid out by Vezio Bernardi, a man with extensive experience in Sacmi who will be taking over from Pietro Cassani.

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Meet Chr. Hansen's team

Natural wine yeasts and cultures in Vinitech, Bordeaux

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New Frutteto3 by Same

SAME has completely redesigned its range of orchard tractors and has introduced a host of new innovations, each one designed to enhance performance and efficiency.

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A new filtration way

In the occasion of 90 years from foundation TMCI Padovan introduces to the world-wide wine industry "Dynamos".

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