Gramegna: Italian Made Quality and Innovation Since 1960

Gramegna was established by the brothers Angelo, Nando and Valdo Gramegna in 1960 to manufacture their design of spading machine.
Over the years Gramegna has not only improved and perfected its spaders, but has also developed a wide range of other machines for working in open fields and between the rows of orchards and vineyards. Like the company’s original spading machine, all other Gramegna products are highly innovative, and many of them are patent protected. The most recent patent covers the new motorised spading machine (the Motovanga) which was premiered at the last EIMA fair in Bologna to mark the company's 50th anniversary.
Innovation and quality are the hallmarks not only of our products, but of the company itself: since 2004 all company processes are Vision 2000 quality certified. Our design department collaborates with the University of Pavia and Milan Polytechnic in new product development.
We frequently host students on work experience programmes, often as part of their work on their final year theses. For Gramegna, innovation also means greater care for the environment: we are currently installing a 100 kW photovoltaic plant which will enable us to power all our production processes with renewables.
The widespread internationalisation which has characterised much manufacturing over recent years has affected Gramegna only in terms of research and development of new markets: at the present time, more than 55% of our production is for export. Our materials and components, on the other hand, are sourced exclusively from domestic suppliers - yet another testimony to the added value of the “Made in Italy” brand.


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