A new filtration way

In the occasion of 90 years from foundation TMCI Padovan introduces to the world-wide wine industry DYNAMOS.
Dynamos is the first rotating dynamic cross-flow filter with the innovative calibrated back-pulse system. It represents, not only a new machine - international patent pending - but a new way of thinking filtration and from now on will be the most valid alternative to the vacuum and press-filters for juice and wines lees, as well as for all liquids with high solids content (up to 75%v/v).

Its versatility allows to filter not only lees but also wines with optimal results, even better than the ones obtained with tubular filters. All tests and installations proved a high quality filtrate level: solids-free juice and wine lees can be bottled directly as a traditional cross-flow filtration.

Principle used is the cross-flow filtration applied to disks, thus avoiding clogs and allowing a self cleaning process.
This low energy consumption process, foresees long filtration cycles (up to 50 hours no stop) and high nominal flowrates (40-50 l/m2/h), with no red colour reduction (Abs at 520 nm) and without oxygen pick-up (with a limited nitrogen sparging).
Models available, all compact and 100% user friendly, are by 10m2 and multiples.


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